South America biotope riparium

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(blog posts for this project will begin with a couple of retroactive entries)

3 January 2009


The following list summarizes basic specifications for the display. Product manufactuers are provided in parentheses:

  • 65 gallon tall rectangular aquarium (All Glass Aquarium)
  • 3ft Tek-Light™ T5 light fixture (Sunlight Supply®, Inc)
  • Fluval 205 canister filter (Hagen)
  • 75 Watt submersible heater (Eheim)

With the idea of having an open-topped display and  the visual appeal of a rimless tank I removed the heavy plastic top frame with which the aquarium was manufactured*. The tank is filled with water to roughly 40% of its total depth.

As you can see, the planted aquascape could use quite a bit more work. However, the aquarium ecosystem is cycled and has apparently completed the normal sequence of algae blooms that occur in newly planted tanks. I have also established a fertilization regime for the plants and other routine maintenance procedures. The existing plants and fish appear to be healthy. 

Here is a partial list of plant species/varieties currently in the display:

  • Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’
  • Alternanthera sp.
  • Bacopa sp.
  • Colocasia affinis ‘Fallax’
  • Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Bronze’ (?)
  • Echinodorus sp.
  • Hemigraphis repanda
  • Nymphoides sp.
  • Spathiphyllum sp.
  • Echinodorus sp.

Obviously, a few of these plants will need to go in the interest of creating a semi-authentic biotope. I will also switch out a few fish—note the bright red Puntius barb in the foreground—for species more representative of South American waters.

I will add updates as the aquascape develops


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